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Surreal moment


It was a bit of a surreal moment last Friday afternoon standing at the corner of Monroe and Third Street in Purcell.

We were watching a police cruiser and fire truck head south on Third followed by the usual suspects in a homecoming parade.

The Purcell High School Marching Band and the other parts of the parade including cheerleaders, floats, queen and king contestants, young football players, varsity football players and others meandered down the residential streets of town.

Candy was tossed about and little ones lapped up the sweet treats looking much like a pre-season Halloween loot-fest.

All of that was happening among the  housing addition from Van Buren to Third to Monroe, over to Second and back to Van Buren due to what’s going on downtown.

The normal route for the PHS Homecoming Parade slices right through the heart of downtown Purcell with the pep rally on the north side of  Santa Fe Plaza.

But due to the construction downtown for the StreetScape Project, downtown was unavailable and the parade ended at Conger Field for the pep rally.

It was considerably different and not quite the same.

It made you appreciate having the ability to conduct the parade where it’s been since homecoming parades came into existence.


It’s gotten to the point if I never hear the names Donald  Trump, Hunter Biden or Joe Biden again it would be too soon.

Some smart young voter recently said why do we have to choose between the lesser of two evils when it comes to voting for President?

It seems to be a pretty sad state of affairs for both parties to have these two yahoos as their candidates for the top job in America.

The old saying, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” seems to apply here in both cases.

Trump, assuming the front runner goes ahead and gets the nomination, and Biden don’t stack up to some of the past pillars of American Democracy.

Not even close.

I’d wager most of you know 10 or more men or women who would make a better and more professional President than either one of those guys.

I would hope you do, anyway.



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