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Ever since I read or heard that you aren’t supposed to touch your face, my eyes have never i…

Happy birthday to Pam Kyzer, Todd Clouse, Debbie Frasier, Cassidy Bennett, Madison English, Jennifer Lizana, John Gullion, Gary Kochn, Robert Jones, Alfred Giroux, Lois Beam, Dan Pennington, Mason Henshaw, Jackie Suchy, Gary Hayes, Linda Burke, Glenda Nemecek and Raychel Kozik.

Sometimes, I think, too much information is as bad as no information at all.

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States, state and city officials have started taking steps to limit the chances of person-to-person contact by shutting down bars and restaurants.

Happy first day of spring today (Thursday), March 19.

 I don’t know if it is a glimpse of life under socialism or sheer stupidity that has stripped grocery shelves bare in the Age of COVID-19.

Health officials are reporting the fear of the coronavirus is much worse than the actual disease.

 I’ve never been one to wear much jewelry. A pair of nice earrings, a simple necklace pretty much do it for me.