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The right words are actually very difficult to come by to describe how I felt the evening of January 6.

Happy 4th anniversary to Matt and Caitlin Montgomery!

In case some of you may be wondering why I’m a little scruffy around the edges and not quite as clean shaven as usual the answer is “YES” my razor is broken.

Happy birthday to George Kernek, Susan Nicholson, Debbie Tims, Margaret Maynard, David Stanton, Celeste Clary, Chardee Carpenter, Dale Richardson, Carolyn Breeden, Jacob Sheehy, Crew Montgomery, Dede Page, Adam Wells, Seth Rollins, Tara Anderson, Kevin Wren, Blake Western, Kelley Wright, Car…

I hope people in McClain County know how fortunate they have been for the past 22 years.

No matter how many television channels we seem to acquire there still never seems to be anything all that great to watch.