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Tony DiRienzo had to go back to his home country of Brazil to sign paperwork about serving i…

Hope you read the story in The Purcell Register about McClain County Operation Christmas accepting donations for “Christmas in July.”

A few years ago I asked a favor of my friend Bill, a native Oklahoman who loves this state and its history, particularly people and places forgotten in the passing of years.

The summer movie season may be beginning to wind down, but the remaining weeks still have a few more big releases in store for us. And this Independence Day weekend was no exception.

With the inordinate amount of rainfall this year there are more and more reports of people dealing with unwanted serpents.

If there is one thing the Army knows how to do – and do well – it is putting pomp and pageantry into public events.

Have you ever seen one of those news stories where a theater full of children is accidentally shown the wrong movie? It’s usually a horror flick or something equally traumatizing for young viewers.

Should parents who elect not to have their children immunized be held accountable for the illnesses and possible death of babies who have contacted diseases like the measles?

A special happy birthday wish to Brady Moakley of Norman.