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I know the wheels of justice turn painfully slow but how long is it going to take for Specia…

A special happy birthday to my extra special granddaughter, Lane Elizabeth Montgomery.

This week is one that always brings to my mind memories of my childhood as a “career Army brat.”

Editor’s note: I didn’t write this but Darla Delcambre found it tucked away in a desk drawer and brought it in. So, thanks to Darla, we’re sharing a good idea with you all.

Happy birthday to Curtis “Doc” Conway, Clyde Gilman, Jonah Northcutt, Karen Horoho, Tripp Eck, Al Musgrave, Patricia Hudson, Kayleenia Jones, Todd McCrory, Jana Rolin, Julie (Wood) Scroggins, Roger Mayes, Tristan Rollins, Tracy Jones, Lynn Walker, Nancy Richardson, Alyson Aguinaga, Lillian C…

By now we are days into those dreary months when we are saddled with, ugh, standard time.

WANTED: One cow. Gentle nature and kind disposition a must. Must like people. Prefer a Jersey, but will consider a British White (I’ve heard really good things about their demeanor). Prefer to rent, but willing to buy the right cow.