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Cruel and unusual


I have to scratch my head when I hear or read about people saying the death penalty and how it is administered is cruel and unusual punishment.

When those people decided to take the life of another human being I’d consider that cruel and unusual.

Wouldn’t you?

Whether or not you believe in the death penalty, at least we can all agree that a person who murders another has taken life in their own hands.


And speaking of taking life in their own hands, Vladimir Putin has certainly done that with the invasion of Ukraine.

Countless civilians are being killed or injured not to mention those young people who are doing the fighting on the front lines.

A Russian television journalist Maria Baronova has quit her job as editor-in-chief of “Russia Today”, a state-run media operation also known as RT.

She condemned Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. She’s well aware that anyone who speaks out against the Kremlin could be in danger – but personal safety is the least of Baronova’s concerns.

She thinks we are on the brink of WWIII and is afraid nuclear war will take out her and her family.


The other day we were at the airport in Houston when a TSA official was barking out orders like a drill sergeant.

I was back a ways from the sergeant. Couple that with a set of 68 year old ears and I really couldn’t tell you everything she said.

She was talking about walking down the aisle with a partner and to keep pace with your partner so the bomb sniffing dog can do its job.

I turned to Gracie and she said she and I would be partners.

Well and good I thought.

When the person ahead of me in line went I stepped out and was quickly rebuffed by said sergeant.

It wasn’t time to go just yet and I got another admonishment from one of my fellow travelers.

“Haven’t you been listening?”

This all came after having to empty pockets, removing belt and go through the usual litany of preflight malarkey.

With two prosthetic hips I seldom get by easily.

Getting pulled aside for the full body screening and then getting patted down is just a way of life.

Ahh the joys of flying.


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