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Winter weather not my favorite


I’m not a big fan of winter and the weather it brings along with it.

And when it’s not precipitating like Monday when it was clear and sunny the sun is always in your eyes.

That’s because the sun is in the southern hemisphere and always shining right into your sight.


Exciting news in regard to the Purcell Dragon football team.

New head coach Aaron Dillard knows the lay of the land.

The 2005 Purcell High School graduate played his high school football right on Conger Field and grew up in the business with his father, Greg, coaching for so many years and most of them in Purcell.

Good luck to Aaron and his team.


I heard a couple of good lines from some friends in the past few days.

One of my friends has been experiencing some health issues the last couple of years including some surgeries.

He is feeling better now but said he just would like to wake up dead and not have to go through all the mumbo jumbo.

But wait. Wouldn’t waking up dead be an oxymoron?


The other friend asked me how I was the other day and I said “Doin okay.”

When I turned the question around on her she quipped, “Pretty well. I’m not in the hospital. I’m not being audited by the IRS and I’m not in jail.”

I guess that pretty well sums it up.


Congratulations to the Purcell Dragons for winning the Heart of Oklahoma Tournament.

They hadn’t won the long running tournament since 1995.

It’s a tough one.

And, congratulations to Washington’s Warriors for winning the girls division of their tournament.

Purcell’s tournament championship was their third of the season.

Read about the other three-time tourney winners and the only four tournament victors in the same season on the sports page.



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