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Winter preparedness


In light of what happened earlier this week in Virginia when hundreds of motorists were stranded overnight on the highway, here are some winter driving tips.

In your vehicle have a phone charging block.

Always have a phone when you drive. If your car breaks down you will want to get help as soon as possible.

You will want your phone to stay charged long enough for people to find you.

Have a shovel, scraper and pick axe in your car. In a severe snow storm a lot of snow can accumulate while you wait.

Snow socks are an inexpensive quick way to get more traction if you find yourself in slippery conditions.

Have a warm blanket, sleeping bag and extra clothes. If you find yourself in a rapidly chilling car you will be glad to have all the extra layers like long underwear, warm sweats, socks and mittens.

Have cat litter on hand for getting traction  out of a slippery situation.

Have high calorie snacks and water.

Burning calories helps your body stay warmer and staying hydrated helps keep you warmer.

Another good idea is to have  battery powered road flares. They are easily packed and usually come in packs. The best part is they warm up so they won’t become obscured by falling snow.

Another necessity is having a battery powered flashlight and extra batteries.

Having a flashlight in your car is a good idea year round but especially in the winter months when it gets dark so early.

Sunglasses are another good suggestion.

Snow and ice reflect a lot of light. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from glare.


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