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Turns out that smell is real


We’ve been holding our noses for many years.

Turns out we should have been holding onto our wallets.

Many have long suspected Epic Charter Schools was not on the up-and-up.

As it turns out, that’s what the OSBI and district attorney David Prater felt as well, due to the evidence.

Co-founders David Chaney and Ben Harris, along with their former chief financial officer Josh Brock, have been charged with racketeering, embezzlement, obtaining money by false pretense, using a computer for a fraudulent scheme, conspiracy to commit a felony and other charges.

The complicated criminal scheme they have been directing has cost Oklahoma taxpayers at least $22 million.

And the worst part?

That was money that was supposed to go to Oklahoma students.

Instead, it went to their personal use and to try to gain political influence by making huge donations to political candidates.

The school, which has severed ties with the co-founders, should be closed and the money they stole refunded.


And Epic is not the only scandal ongoing in our state.

The Swadley’s Foggy Bottom Kitchen saga is going to be a thorn in the sides of many before it’s over.

Among those who are possibly in the line of fire include Gov. Kevin Stitt who claims he doesn’t know Brent Swadley.

Oddly, a photograph of the governor and Swadley has surfaced this past week.

I don’t think Swadley is going to fall on a sword in this matter and he’s going to take names and numbers as it goes down.

Here again, we should have our hands on our wallets to limit the fleecing.



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