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Thanks first responders


Last Thursday when a huge wildfire was literally eating its way toward Purcell, coming right down the Canadian River bed, firefighters went to work.

Choking smoke was thick in the air in downtown Purcell and the possibility of damage and destruction existed.

Thanks to our clutch and professional first responders a potential tragic and catastrophic situation was averted.

Purcell Police, Wadley’s EMS, the Purcell Water Department, and especially our valiant and brave firefighters, all teamed together with eight other towns to fight the beast that threatened our town.

Not a single structure was harmed. The fire was extinguished despite gale-force winds and tinder-dry foliage.

Thanks to all who battled the blaze and to all the other towns that chipped in to help save us.


I had layered up as best I could when we went to the OU softball game at ASA Hall of Fame Stadium last Friday afternoon.

With a 20-25 m.p.h. breeze coming at us from the northwest to go with sitting in the shade, the wind chill was more than a bit frosty.

We had a blanket to sit on but the other two blankets were scarfed up by other chilly members of our party of nine.

I noticed a heavy jacket on the back of the chair in front of me.

Thinking the coat belonged to John Denny, I draped it across my lap for yet another layer of protection.

After an inning or more had passed a young father of two sitting in front of us turned to me and said, “Can I have my coat back?”

I wanted to crawl under my seat.

I was so embarrassed and trying to tell him I thought the jacket belonged to our group.

After I apologized and handed over his wrap he said, “Well at least you warmed it up.”

After that faux pas I located a jacket that really did belong to John Denny and proceeded to use that for the remainder of the softball game.



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