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Sharing facilities


With six to eight people in his immediate family suffering from COVID-19 it’s pretty easy to understand why Purcell Mayor Ted Cox is talking about a mask mandate for the city.

Cox told me privately recently the council was going to address the issue.

Sure enough they did discuss it in open meeting Monday evening at the Community Room of the Police Service Building.

The council, less the quarantined Graham Fishburn, all seemed in agreement to proceed with allowing city attorney Ted Haxel to draw up such a resolution.

It wouldn’t be that big of a stretch for many who are already wearing a face covering when attending school, church or going to the grocery store.

It’s all in the name of safety and you can’t fault anyone for that.


In the name of kids say the darnedest things....

Colleague Vickie Foraker has a four year old grandson, Koleman Foraker, who’s mom put up the family Christmas tree a couple of Sundays back.

When the youngster got up Monday morning he immediately went to check on said tree.

“Mom, Santa didn’t come last night. There aren’t any presents under the tree,” Koleman said.

I like his thinking.

What’s the use of having a tree if there aren’t any presents under it.

He just figured Santa would automatically come if the tree was in the living room.


There are some things you don’t normally share but we at The Purcell Register are in the big fat middle of having to share bathrooms with our neighbors in downtown.

A water leak discovered Monday has turned into a major ordeal and we are without water for the foreseeable future.

We are grateful to our neighbors for being so nice as to share their facilities with us.

Our staff of around 10 plus the three youngsters who are in virtual learning are grateful as well.

Thanks, ya’ll.


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