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Sad state of affairs


With temperatures hovering in the mid-70’s last Wednesday afternoon I decided to grab my camera and see what pictures were out there.

I ran my usual traps in Purcell and came up with an empty stringer.

I said to myself just head over to Lexington and see if anything was cooking.

Sure enough I found the downtown playground crawling with kids. Some were swinging and some were utilizing the slide and other attractions. So I snapped a few frames.

I thought I wasn’t going to get out of the parking lot alive.

An angry female asked what I was doing and obviously with the camera in my hand I wasn’t fishing.

When she rudely asked what I was doing I told her I was taking pictures for the newspaper.

She was none too pleased with me being there and made sure I knew it.

She asked if I worked for a newspaper and I explained my position.

She wanted a pound of flesh so I called The Register and the person who answered backed up my story telling her I probably have a press pass.

I pulled it out of my wallet and showed it to her just before she took a picture of my license plate and started videoing me.

I hope I didn’t break the camera.

When she asked me if I’d cleared it with the police to take pictures it really ruffled my feathers since it is a public park.

Haven’t had much luck trying to get a kid’s photo in the newspaper from Lexington.

My high school intern was run off the playground at the grade school one time and now this.

It’s a shame what society has turned us into.


There is a way to keep from getting stuck with people like Ryan Walters as our Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Do away with straight party voting.

I hope public education can survive four years of he and Kevin Stitt.



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