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Referees have tough job


Basketball referees have a difficult and thankless job.

No matter the call half of the stands are in a rage which means they are constantly making someone angry.

I was at a game last weekend where the refereeing was so on-sided that the game became a health hazard to the visitors.

I made the comment that if the officials continued to call the game the way they were calling it, that someone was going to get hurt.

The refs didn’t change and sure enough a kid got hurt. More than one.

It’s one thing to miss a call here or there but when officials step over the line by allowing one team to beat up another it takes the fun out of it.

It’s a form of bullying that can make a game a dangerous activity.


It’s that time of year when even non-basketball fans enjoy that crazy college cage tournament called March Madness.

Our family has enjoyed watching the tournament any number of times while on Spring Break family vacations.

The tournament often sparks competition amongst office colleagues and even groups of others including family members.

It’s always a bummer when your team isn’t included in the tournament such as mine this year.


Oklahoma voters were adamant in not wanting to legalize recreational marijuana.

The measure went down statewide but even more so in McClain County.

Even in the more liberal counties the measure failed to pass.

In Oklahoma County it ended up at 50 percent for and 50 percent against.

Cleveland County was 51 percent against the measure and 49 percent for the legalization.

In Tulsa County 54 percent voted no while 46 percent were in favor of the proposition.


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