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Quit changing the time


This is my semi-annual appeal to Congress to make changing from daylight savings time to regular time and back and forth and back and forth a thing of the past.

Proven over the years is a lack of production at work and even heart attacks stem from the changing of the clocks.

Just pick one and leave it alone. I don’t care if we choose DST or sun time, just make a decision and stick with it.


With Russian forces inching closer and closer to NATO countries does Vladimir Putin want to start WWIII?

It is a very frightening thought and one that is tough to figure out as to why?

It’s obvious the Russian dictator doesn’t care about civilian casualties.

You have to wonder what is his ultimate goal.

His unprovoked invasion of that country parallels exactly what Germany did to start WWII when it invaded Poland.

Unfortunately, it appears Adolf Hitler and Putin have a lot  of traits in common.

The difference between now, and then is nuclear weapons.


The deadline is fast approaching for nominating the 2021 Purcell Citizen of the Year.

Residents have until April 1 to make their nominations.

You may bring in the nominee and his or her bio to The Purcell Register at 225 W. Main or email it to montgomeryjohnd@yahoo.com or mail it to P.O. Box 191 in Purcell.

Last year the husband and wife team of Jason and Melissa Pruitt were named co-Citizens of the Year.

The announcement will be made at the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet April 22.



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