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Power outage Friday, Saturday


A thunderstorm downed a power pole in an obscure location Friday morning cutting power to Purcell for 4.35 hours.

Power was restored to the town about 7:45 a.m.

Purcell Electric Department crews were hampered by the location of the pole with no access by bucket truck to work on the damaged lines.

The pole was between Walnut Creek and I-35. Anthony Lamirand and Dillon Gardner had to physically climb the pole to work on the affected lines.

The storm dumped .3” of an inch of rain bringing the total for the year to 26”.

The electric bug bit the city again on Saturday with a pair of problems.

City Manager Dale Bunn said a tree trimming company working for a private citizen dropped a branch across all three phases, knocking out power to the entire town.

Then again in the same area of town, Apache and 7th, a driver ran into a utility pole knocking out power for a total of 1.5 hours Saturday.


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