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New technology to learn


The folks who know me best know I’m not very techy.

In fact, not very techy really doesn’t come close to telling just how untechy I am.

I hate changing cell phones because you have to learn all the nuances all over again.

Land lines are my friend but this week I even got tricked up on our land lines at the newspaper office.

We were pretty well forced into changing phone systems since the system we’ve had for several years cannot be serviced any longer.

So today (Thursday) we will be getting schooled on how to use the new system.


Wish me luck.


Last Friday was a long day for our family with youngest member of our group undergoing cardiac surgery.

Thomas, five, was born with Wolff-Parakinson-White (WPW) syndrome.

In layman’s terms it causes your heart to race because there is an extra electrical pathway between your heart’s upper and lower chambers.

Doctors told John Denny and Emily the condition could be treated with medication but at some point an ablation procedure would be necessary.

That necessary day was Friday.

It took the team of surgeons over six hours to perform the ablation but they were successful.

Very stressful for Mom and Dad and the rest of the family but thankfully Thomas is back in business.


Good luck to the Washington Warriors in their quest for a State Championship in football.

At least the winner of the Washington-Marlow title tilt will be a public school and not one of the private schools that win so many of the state championships.

Ironically, the game comes on the 25th anniversary of Washington’s only State Football Championship.

They knocked off Turpin at Stillwater in 1996.

For more details about the game and the Semifinal victory check out the sports page.


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