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Merry Christmas


Last Thursday I counted up it had been 43 days since we had any rain.

We got .6” November 3 and since then nada.

We’re sitting at 39.7” for the year with the normal annual rainfall 36.52” so to be above normal it’s drier than the turkey dinner in “Christmas Vacation”.


I overheard a five-year-old ask his Mother for some toy on Monday afternoon.

The Mom shot down the request saying, “It’s only five days till Christmas.”

My thought about the child was I bet five days seems like a lifetime.

I know it did for me when I was that age.


The food and traditions of Christmas bring us together.

They help us remember the time of rebirth in the name of Jesus.

But the main ingredient is not the place where you celebrate.

That is very insignificant.

It’s the people you surround yourselves with and who you share the traditions with that matter most.

Family and friends are what it’s all about, both those present, and those who are elsewhere.

It’s also a time of remembering those who have gone before us.


Check out our Letters to Santa section of The Purcell Register.

They are guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Among the things a second grader with a rather lengthy list wanted was a gun that shoots out an American Flag and a metal chest that has a lock on it you have to open with a key.

It’s refreshing to know little girls still want Barbie dolls and all the various accessories that go with her.

One little one from Wayne said he didn’t know what he wants for Christmas.

“Surprise me,” he wrote.



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