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Lex man facing charges here

Altercation at Walmart with officers results in injuries


A Lexington man is facing charges in McClain County District Court after an altercation with police at the Purcell Walmart January 16.

Kyle Usey is charged with unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting an officer and public intoxication.

Sergeant Josh Van Oort questioned Kyle Usey while officers Jeremy Pittman and Cassie Lewis spoke with Usey’s sister, Renea Usey, who said her brother “was tripping out over some stuff,” according to reports.

Kyle stated that the cartel was after him after admitting to officers that he had broken into a south OKC building he believed the cartel owned.

While speaking, Usey displayed signs of being under the influence of intoxicants, police said.

Officer Lewis preformed multiple field sobriety tests on Usey, all of which he failed.

“After taking into consideration of the way Usey was speaking of people being after him, performing poorly on the SFST, and refusing to listen to our instructions I decided he was publicly intoxicated.” Lewis stated.

While being detained, Usey began to resist and injured officers Pittman and Lewis, they reported.

Once fully detained, Usey admitted to having a meth pipe in an inside jacket pocket, which officers removed for evidence.

Usey was transported to Purcell Municipal Hospital. Staff declared Usey fit for incarceration.

Staff then cleared Officer Lewis, who had busted both lips, and Officer Pittman, who had an abrasion to his right elbow and left knee.

Usey was then transported to Purcell Police Department for a temporary hold and booking.

Once booking was complete Usey was moved to the McClain County Jail.


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