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Jr. high weight lifting


Purcell Junior High Powerlifters traveled to Dibble to lift last week to compete in the first meet of the year. 

Westyn Akerman placed second in the 7th grade 181 pound class with a total of 575 pounds.

Jeremiah Harrison placed 3rd in the 8th grade 105 pound class with a total of 410 pounds.

In the 114 pound class 8th grade division, Matt Hall placed 3rd with a total of 545 pounds. In the 8th grade 123 pound class, Sammy Faust placed 3rd with a total of 515 pounds.

Brady Burks placed 3rd in the 9th grade 157 pound class with a total of 690 pounds. In the 9th grade 198 pound class, Guillermo Martinez placed 3rd with a total of 965 pounds.  In the 7th grade Taizen Hernandez totaled 405 pounds.  8th graders who also lifted were Braylon Francis with a 540 pound total, Brian Cazares with a 510 pound total, Brody Thurston had a 680 pound total, Carter Thomas with a total of 585 pounds, Collin Wilbur pounder with a total of 345 pounds, Jacob Lindsey with a 720  pound total, Kash Knowles with a 575 pound total, Mavrik Akerman with a 650 pound total and Riley Davis with a 645 pound total.

In the 9th grade division, Gunner Baker had a total of 845 pounds and Michael Heck had a 830 pound total.


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