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Heavener Rep has good idea


A State Representative from Heavner has come up with an idea for a smart piece of legislation.

Rep. Rick West has filed legislation that would require federal agencies to inform county sheriffs before any raid or warrantless arrests are executed within their jurisdiction.

House Bill 1024 would require that prior to any raid or warrantless arrest of a citizen of the State of Oklahoma by a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the United State Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the Internal Revenue Service, the special agent shall be required to make contact with the sheriff of the county in which the raid or warrantless arrest shall be executed and inform the county sheriff of the approximate date, time and circumstances of the raid or arrest.

“Our county sheriffs are the highest ranking law enforcement officers in our counties  and elected by the people they serve,” West said. “This is an important matter of state’s rights, guarding our populace against federal overreach or encroachment.”

West said he has received support for the bill from his local county sheriff and others.

McClain County Sheriff Landy Offolter told me he thinks this is a good idea.

The Senate author for the bill is David Bullard of Durant.

Bills for the upcoming legislative session must be filed by January 19.

The legislative session starts February 6. After this date, legislation will need to be first and second read and then assigned to and pass committee before it advances to a vote on the House floor.


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