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Hard to swallow


This whole Lincoln Riley switcheroo has me curious about a few things.

Now that the deed has been done by Riley, completely broadsiding OU Administrators, it bodes some other questions.

Is this the reason the Sooners appeared so sluggish in lethargic wins over the likes of Kansas, Tulane and others?

A friend of mine who has business dealings with folks all over the country was talking with a Southern Cal alum back in September when the alum said, “sorry we’re stealing your coach.”


I’m not coming up with any earth shaking news here but the ripple effects of the move are far reaching.

Riley gutted the coaching staff and now recruits are decommitting as we speak and current players are running as fast as they can to the transfer portal.

Someone said, and I don’t disagree, that Sooner fans most likely Sooner undergrads need to have more class than to hang traitor signs all over campus.

It’s a business and a business decision.

It’s just difficult to swallow when your family goes back four generations as graduates of the university.

And now let’s talk turkey about the amount of money that is involved.

Reportedly USC is shelling out in the neighborhood of $4.5 million for the contract buy out.

That would pay a lot of tuition for kids to go to college or feed a lot of homeless people right there in Los Angeles.


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