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Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving.

Most everyone has a favorite holiday and Thanksgiving is mine.

No decorating. No presents to wrap. None of the hustle and bustle of what’s right around the corner.

Just family, tasty grub, a little R&R and some football.

It’s the one holiday that doesn’t come on a Monday like 99 percent of the others.

It falls at the end of the week which works a lot better for the weekly newspaper schedule.


A computer glitch fouled up last week’s how to cook a turkey by Purcell first graders with three students’ names being left off as to how they would prepare the holiday bird and what they might serve with it.

So the entire story has been republished in its entirety on the bottom of the front page of this week’s Purcell Register.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Ain’t technology grand?

It is until is isn’t.


If you live in Washington you did not get last week’s Purcell Register until Monday.

As absurd as it may seem when the newspaper is mailed here on Wednesday afternoon, it is trucked to the Oklahoma City post office plant and then dispersed to the outlaying areas of the county.

For whatever reason those Purcell Registers just sit on the plant floor for days on end and are not delivered to Washington’s post office to go to our subscribers.

We have contacted Oklahoma City over and over.

Washington’s postal folks have contacted Oklahoma City over and over.

So far it has done nothing to improve the service although the postal service continues to increase its prices for less and less service.

It is extremely frustrating for us and a pain in the side of our subscribers who in the end aren’t getting what they paid for, either.

We mailed this issue on Tuesday since the post office will be closed on Thursday.

It will be interesting to see when the subscribers get this issue of the newspaper.


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