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From Sharay’s to Jo’s


Since 1968 Jo’s Famous Pizza has been just that – famous.

But prior to that the pizza restaurant was called Sharay’s Pizza.

It was owned by Jeanne Rhodes.

She had an employee named Jo Powers who eventually purchased the business and the rest is history.

Jo kept Jeanne’s recipe, the same recipe that people enjoy to this very day.

The story came full circle last Friday evening at Jo’s when Jeanne’s son celebrated his 80th birthday dining on his mother’s pizza recipe.

“Ray wanted to have his mom’s pizza for his 80th birthday,” said his daughter Dr. Angel Rhodes.

She was on hand to celebrate here in Purcell along with her husband, J.D. Kaplan, Ray’s wife, Beverly Rhodes, son Chris Rhodes, friends Brian Pennick, Rick Jacobs and Cathy Jacobs, nieces Mandy Gravatt, Arianna Gravatt and Nicole Gravatt and nephew Dale Gravatt.

They all traveled to Purcell from Arizona, Ohio, Mississippi and North Carolina to celebrate Ray’s 80th birthday.

Their photo can be found on page 7 of this week’s Purcell Register all tucked away in a corner booth at Jo’s prior to the big birthday celebration.

Ray is a 1961 graduate of Purcell High School and now lives in Phoenix.

His daughter, Angel, lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Angel said Sharay’s Pizza was in the same location as the current Jo’s.

Sharay’s opened in the 1950’s, Angel reported.

And now for the past 55 years Jo’s has served up tasty pies for folks from all over the country including the spacious second location in Edmond.

It certainly is one of the hallmarks of the Heart of Oklahoma.


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