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Freedom’s not free


It’s pretty safe to say if you look up the word patriot in the dictionary you won’t read “see Bette Midler.”

Included in that group will be the likes of Katy Perry, Jessica Chastian or Top Chef Padma Lakshmi.

The list could go on and on.

But those folks and others should be reminded why they can make outlandish statements, flash the middle finger and make cakes that spell out separate church and state.

Midler said the Fourth of July was effectively canceled for the shortage of independence for women after the SCOTUS abortion decision.

Chastain flashed her finger in a photo saying Happy Independence Day from me and my reproductive rights.

The chef said, “Not much to celebrate this 4th.”

They all have the right to spout off as they wish thanks in large part to nearly 3 million Americans who have given their lives for our freedoms.

And that number doesn’t even compare to the number of American fighting men and women who have been wounded or suffer from posttramatic stress disorder.

For hundreds of years Americans have gone into battle fighting for our freedoms.

They don’t think Democrat or Republican in the foxhole.

They think American.

Maybe we all should.

The freedoms that we all have have been purchased at a very high price.

And none of us should ever take our freedoms for granted.


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