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Courthouse News


The following persons have been charged by the State of Oklahoma with traffic or other violations or have filed other court actions in McClain County District Court between October 27-November 2, 2022.


David L. Reynolds, speeding, 85/75.

Donald R. Bowman, speeding, 80/70.

Daniel L. Pryse, no seatbelt.

Devante J. Bruner, no seatbelt.

Floyd B. Green, taxes due state.

Teresa A. Johnson, taxes due state.

Christian A. Yellowfish, no seatbelt.

Roy L. Nelson, overweight - 2001 to 3000.

Boniface Kiptoo, speeding, 85/75.

Joseph V. Vandergriff, speeding, 85/75.

Dashawn Butler, failure to secure load.

Terry R. Dickenson, no child restraint.

Terry R. Dickenson, no child restraint.

Terry R. Dickenson, no child restraint.

Terry R. Dickenson, no insurance.

Terry R. Dickenson, TOC alcoholic beverage.

Diaz A. Gonzalez, speeding, 85/75.

Christopher W. Schmidt, speeding, 85/75.

Brenda Smith, no child restraint.

Brenda Smith, no valid driver’s license.

Fernando Reyes, no valid driver’s license.


Janina M. Mason, possession of CDS (methamphetamine and marijuana).

Michael J. Iser, public intoxication and disturbing the peace.

Travis B. Frazee, public intoxication.

Carlos A. Serna, driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Cecidra M. Gentry, neglecting or refusing to compel child to attend school.

Joseph A. Smith, possession of CDS - marijuana.

Terry G. Freeman, trespass after being forbidden.

Connie J. Howard, larceny of lost property.

Crosby Bartels, larceny of merchandise from a retailer.


Johny S. Agudelo Estrada, felony value - false pretenses/bogus check/con game.

Kevin L. Riddle, domestic abuse - assault and battery.

Jeannette L. Guinn, possession of firearm after former felony conviction.

Small Claims

Autumn Bellinger vs. Kelley M. Riebold, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.

Bradford Place Property Owners vs. Aaron M. Tucker, small claims under $5000.

Bradford Place Property Owners vs. Richard Valadez, small claims under $5000.

Bradford Place Property Owners vs. Cory D. Butler, small claims under $5000.

Linda Wyatt vs. Jerome Workman, forcible entry and detainer under $5000.


OneMain Financial Group LLC vs. Zachary T. Pierce, civil action $10,000 or less.

LA Jacobson Inc vs. Adrian Garcia, civil action $10,000 or less.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Conner Hladik, civil action $10,000 or less.

Red Rocks Resources LLC vs. Trepco Production Company Inc, civil action $10,000 or more.

Loandepot.com LLC vs. Rapeal Wright, civil action $10,000 or more.

Ahmed Mamdooh vs. Jeffrey Stark, civil action $10,000 or more.

Arvest Central Mortgage Co vs. Jonee Gross, civil action $10,000 or more.

Chickasaw Community Bank vs. Hunter Martin, civil action $10,000 or more.

Marriages Filed

Dwight E. Finley, 35, and Elise R. Oden, 36, both of Wanette.

Daniel B. Glassey, 33, and Desiree N. J. Nickels, 31, both of Wayne.

Jon M. Hulse, 39, and Tiffaney M. Norton, 38, both of Oklahoma City.

Jimmy G. McKinney, 89, and Leveda A. Wagnon, 94, both of Blanchard.

Daniel A. Holbrook, 44, and Janna R. Ketchie, 40, both of Lexington.

Darren T. Hicks, 25, and Brooke M. Stephens, 22, both of Chickasha.

Aidan H. Furniss, 24, and Taryn D. Lesher, 20, both of Purcell.

Laydon J. Pearson, 23, and Cassidy G. Walker, 23, both of Newcastle.

Stephen T. W. Ray, 36, and Melanie A. Brewster, 36, both of Broken Arrow.

Henry L. Yoder, 37, of Garnett, Kan. and Stephanie M. Trettel, 36, of Lexington.

Divorces Granted

Josie D. Forkner vs. Joe F. Forkner.

Joel W. Johnson vs. Patina A. Johnson.


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