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College sports upside down


The more people I talk to about the situation with college athletics, the more convinced I am that the powers that be need to get a handle on NIL and transfer portals.

Ever since the name, image and likeness policy was adopted by the NCAA, along with this transfer portal business, the college sports world has been turned upside down.

And to me it’s not for the better, either.


The blistering Oklahoma heat wave is especially burdensome on first responders.

With that in mind, Wayne, Washington and Lexington firefighters need donations of water and Gatorade.

Also, a town official at Wayne said their fire department is also seeking two ice chests to place on their trucks.

Anyone with water, Gatorade or ice chests are urged to contact their fire departments.

Purcell Fire Chief Greg Cypert reported his department is stocked with liquids.

Jackie Wadley said his crews would gladly accept donations of water and Gatorade.

He said they have a pretty good stock but when they really go through the refreshments is when they are at a fire giving  the drinks out to hot and thirsty firemen.


Along those same lines all people who are working outdoors need to stay especially hydrated these sweltering July days.

And the sad thing about this weather is the really hot days of the year are still ahead of us as August looms.



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