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Cold weather go away


The late Teddy Clark always hated cold weather.

I have to agree with him and can’t wait until we get through this Siberian cold front and get back to at least normal winter temperatures.

The weatherman has talked about this awful cold front so much that now when the weather comes on I automatically get a cold chill up my back.

And to go with the frigid temps, there will be wind up to 60 m.p.h. Sheesh!

I heard one report that the Siberian air will filter down as far as central Florida.



I have yet to talk to anyone who thinks the transfer portal and NIL are good for college football.

I don’t understand why the powers that be are allowing the travesty on a sport that has been so popular for so long.

Now there are reports out that coaches are recruiting players from schools before they are entering their names in the portal.

It never ends.


Here’s a head-scratcher.

We were told to lower our AC usage on hot days to prevent overwhelming the electric grid while simultaneously being told to trade in our gas cars for electric vehicles.


I was visiting with a selfproclaimed Scrooge the other day when he admitted he hates hearing the same Christmas songs over and over.

I can feel his pain with “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by whom ever and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.

Those are two of the favorites that play over and over.


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