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OKC State Rep. on losing Volkswagen


House Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson said Volkswagen rejected Oklahoma and chose Canada because of hateful rhetoric

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are not bad words, but instead the foundation of multi-national companies like Volkswagen that Oklahoma seeks to attract,” Munson said.  “Instead of cultivating a sense of belonging, the Legislature continues to foster division and hate,” Munson said.

“If we want big companies like Volkswagen to choose Oklahoma over other states and countries like Canada, we need more than just tax incentives,” Munson said.

Who knows if she is correct but if she is, lawmakers need to take a look at what they are doing at 23rd and Broadway.

“We need lawmakers to stop making laws that limit access to health care for women and transgender Oklahomans,” Munson went on to say.

“We need the governor and the state superintendent of public instruction to stop working to defund and denounce our public schools.

“We need to redirect our focus to the proven ways to grow and develop our workforce: ensure quality health care and a strong public school system,” Munson continued.

“The Republican Leadership’s hostility towards anyone that is different from them is costing Oklahomans good, high-paying jobs,” she said.


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