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Early Christmas present

And finally some sense about the McGirt ruling


Since we opened gifts on Christmas morning there was a rule when I was growing up you could open one present on Christmas Eve.

This particular year the main gift I had asked for was a Robot Commando.

Released in 1961, the robot was designed by Marvin Glass & Associates and was marketed as, “the only robot that responds to commands,” and, a “one-man army.”

The robot was made of high-impact multicolored plastic and ran on three D-sized batteries installed in his base.

It could shoot round balls out of its arms and had a missile under the hood on his head.

There was one package under the tree that was just the right size to be the Robot Commando so that is the gift I chose that year.

My mom, Carolyn, said, “Don’t choose that one.

“It’s not what you think and it will give away another gift you are getting,” she said.

But being a hard-headed second grader I stuck by my guns.

Much to my chagrin when the wrapping paper came off it was a lamp shade.

I always liked that lamp.

I enjoyed playing with the Robot Commando after he showed up Christmas morning.


Fortunately for the taxpayers of Oklahoma, Attorney General John O’Connor has announced the state is dismissing its appeal in the case against Shaun Michael Bosse.

The state recently secured a major victory in the case.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals initially overturned Bosse’s death sentence conviction based on the McGirt decision.

An appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court resulted in a stay from a majority of the justices.

In August, the state also prevailed in a case that ruled the McGirt decision cannot be used retroactively to throw out earlier criminal convictions.

Early last week the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals reinstated the Bosse conviction.

O’Connor said there are many other such cases and he plans on appealing each one to the Supreme Court with the opportunity to overrule McGirt or limit its ongoing impact on the people of Oklahoma.

Finally something that makes a little more sense.


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