At last weekend’s Oklahoma Press Association’s annual convention we had the privilege of getting to hear famous war correspondent Mike Boettcher give the keynote address.

Boettcher is like so many of his electronic media folks that can really string the words together.

His speeches are always very interesting and very well presented.

Boettcher is a Ponca City native that got his start at the Ponca City News and their radio station.

He is now a professor of journalism at The University of Oklahoma.

His students don’t know how lucky they are to have him for a professor.


Also at the convention was about 70 percent of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation.

They paint a much different picture of what’s going on in Washington D.C. than the network television talking heads.

According to Sen. Jim Inhofe, congresswomen  Kendra Horn and congressmen Tom Cole, Frank Lucas and Kevin Hern, the wheels are not coming off of the national government unlike what we’re told when the TV news comes on.


This is not exactly breaking news at our house but I’m just wanting to set the record straight about the May 21 severe storm warning in Purcell.

There was an injury from the storm.

My right leg.

Having the three youngsters, we took the tornado siren at its face value, especially thinking about what had just happened in El Reno with a twister popping out of a storm almost completely unannounced.

So we loaded up and went to the shelter provided to us by the professionals at G&M Tank Co. Inc.

On the way out of the shelter, I bumped my shin on the stairs not once but twice becoming probably the only injury from that severe storm warning.

The bruise on my shin spread down my ankle and now is all over my right foot.

Looks kinda like a giant grape popsicle.

Hopefully that’s the last trip down under but if there is a next time I’ll be a little more careful on my way topside.

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