What do you see in clouds?

Do you ever let fly your imagination when you glance  skyward?

I don’t care what the meteorologists say. It isn’t always about weather.

Sure there are rain clouds and storm clouds and even snow clouds and I realize their importance.

But the ones I am referring to are the shapeshifters

They are the clouds that fed our fancy when we were children whiling away the time while laying flat on our backs in the soft cool grass.

When I was a child, clouds were unceasing entertainment. You could share the experience with your friends or relish it while alone.

It was all about studying a cloud and finding it an ever changing canvas, one instant a mighty mountain and the next someone playing the flute. Or maybe the piano.

Oh the clouds didn’t do it by themselves. Their shapeshifting was driven by wind currents.

But it was easier for a kid to see the hand of a celestial sculptor at work.

And then one day for reasons I still can’t define, I stopped looking at clouds.

Until recently.

I’ve rediscovered delight in this panoramic display that plays out over our heads whenever there are clouds.

I’ve found that Bill is a fellow cloud watcher.

I like to point out things I see when we are in the car going somewhere.

Like the other day. He’s driving and I said, “There’s a baby sea turtle scrambling to reach the water. His mouth is open from the exertion.”

And while I said it, I waved casually to the right.

Following my hand and not so much my commentary, Bill dutifully looked at the water tower we were passing.

“Huh? What the...? What on earth are you rambling on about?”

He shot me a look and his expression said it all. Poor thing. She’s finally slipped a few cogs and gone round the bend.

By the time I said, “Look at the clouds,” they had changed.

My brave little sea turtle was gone and in its place was an old man who didn’t have his dentures in.

Clouds will do that. Look up and you will see for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.

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