Where did 20 years go?

It was two decades ago when we were all anxiously awaiting the effects of Y2K on our computer systems.

We watched intently about electricity and other staple items in Australia as they broke first into the new millennium.

Turns out nothing happened.

Turns out 20 years can go by in a blink of an eye.


The killing of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani has brought a sea of mourners into the streets of Mashhad, Tehran and Baghdad.

It makes you wonder where all those mourners were when Soleimani did much of his dirty work to people around the globe including Americans.


And just like seemingly everything else in this country the reviews were split right down party lines in Washington, D.C.

Our lawmakers can’t even agree on getting rid of a bad guy.

It’s simply unbelievable.


Lee Reimer has heard all the stories, many of which came from the 2003 OU-LSU National Championship game in New Orleans.

In fact, The Oklahoman recently ran a double page spread of horror stories called into Berry Tramel after that historic weekend in The Big Easy.

Fast forward to December 28 when the Tigers and Sooners were to square off once again.

Lee and Tina had gone to be with family at San Antonio and had a spot picked out at the hotel to watch the game.

Lee said he and Tina had some running around to do for some errands prior to the game.

When they returned to their designated spot, an LSU fan was there playing catch with his son.

“I said Boomer Sooner to the guy,” Reimer said. “He bowed up and wanted to fight.

“You would have thought I had personally attacked him.

“Now I understand and believe all those stories,” Reimer concluded.

The former Dragon coach said luckily he and Tina got up and out of the hotel before the LSU fan got downstairs on Sunday morning.

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