As if Saturday’s 2020 edition of the Red River Rivalry wasn’t weird enough with no one at the Texas State Fair and only 24,000 in the stands that holds a smidgen over 96K but the announcers kept saying we were in Red River.

If I didn’t know the stadium and had not been there some 45 times, I would have guessed we were playing in New Mexico.

Fox Sports personalities Gus Johnson on the play-by-play and Joel Klatt on the color analysis job  weren’t the most unbiased duo I’ve heard.

But when they kept welcoming me back to Red River, I wanted to unpack my snow skis.

I wanted to hear what they had to say about, “Big Sam” after he threw the game losing interception, only his second interception thrown in his five appearances in the storied series.

But the noise level in our TV room didn’t allow me to hear what they had to say.

No problem I thought, I’d just run the tape back to the end and hear how they took the bad news for the Longhorns.

But alas, due to the five hour game, the tape quit taping in Texas’ third overtime possession.

I wonder how they took the loss. My guess is they took it pretty hard by the way they were calling the game.

Instead of saying welcome back to Red River they might have said Fair Park.

That would have been quite a bit more accurate.

In all fairness, the Cotton Bowl is just a mere 10 hours and  44 minutes west of Red River, N.M.

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