The Turkey Bowl movie that was partially filmed in Purcell and almost exclusively in Central Oklahoma is due to be released in select theaters, digital and on demand November 15.

The movie was written and directed by Norman native Greg Coolidge.

Some scenes in Norman are highly recognizable.

All the scenes in Purcell will be recognizable.

Several area residents had either bit parts or were in group scenes.

There is even a small part for former University of Oklahoma Football Coach Barry “The King” Switzer.

It should be fun for locals to watch the flick, especially since many saw behind-the-scenes work of the movie making.


Time changes are pond scum in my opinion.

It's even bad for your health.

There is a spike in automobile accidents when we spring forward and people with heart conditions can be affected, both according to reports I’ve read.

On top of that it just plain stinks.

One of my colleagues at work about 3:30 p.m. Monday said, “Does this day seem like the world’s longest?”

I said it’s because, according to your body, it is already 4:30 instead of just 3:30.

And my colleague said it gets tougher on her the older she gets.

Can’t we just keep it the same all the time?


Monday would have been Will Rogers’ 140th birthday.

Even though rope tricks were Oklahoma’s favorite son’s specialty, he was pretty glib as well.

“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets,” he once said.

We could use a few more guys like Will around these days.


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