The celebration of life for Riley Boatwright Monday at the First Baptist Church in Purcell was one of the largest funerals the community has ever had.

An estimated 300 people were standing in the church foyer.

FBC officials report the sanctuary had about 800 people seated.

Ever since Boatwright suffered the head injury in a junior high football game, that’s just about all anyone in this area has talked about no matter which area town you are in.

The popular and congenial youngster has been nothing but praised since his untimely death.

Our hearts and prayers have gone out to his family and the entire Lexington community.

Just tragic.


Leave it to California.

In case you haven’t heard, that’s where the governor, Gavin Newsom, signed the first-in-the-nation bill earlier this week that clears the way for college players to be paid from endorsement deals.

NCAA rules strictly prohibit athletes from profiting in any way from their sports. The law would still bar schools from directly paying athletes.

Governor Newsom has been quoted as saying, “Colleges reap billions from student athletes but block them from earning a single dollar. That’s a bankrupt model.”

The NCAA has said it acknowledges changes are needed but improvement needs to happen on a national level through the NCAA’s rules-making process.

This has got litigation written all over it and will be very costly to universities across the country.

You talk about opening up a can of worms and the folks on the left coast are the instigators.

The California Governor predicts dozens of other states will pass similar legislation.

If they do, then Katy bar the door.

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