Byars resident Betty Johns was in the newspaper office last week to renew her subscription.

 She’s had a subscription since 1956.

While she was cleaning out some of her mother’s belongings she came across a receipt for a subscription renewal paid December 21, 1963.

The receipt, which was good for five years, was signed by then Advertising Manager Ray Buckley.

On the front page of The Register that week was A.B. Green announcing plans to build a nursing home in Lexington.

Also, on the front page was a report of numerous area citizens slipping and falling on ice and breaking bones, a young Lexington couple was asphyxiated in a vehicle south of Lexington and Smith Hester was announcing plans to run for State Democratic Chair.

In 1963 a yearly subscription to The Register was $2 and a washing machine cost $178.

A dozen eggs sold for 53¢ and an OU football ticket cost $5.

A gallon of milk sold for 95¢. A gallon of gasoline cost 31¢.

A loaf of bread cost 22¢ and a pack of cigarettes was 35¢.

The median home value was $11,900  and a first class postage stamp was a nickle.

Soon a postage stamp will be 70¢. A new house today costs between $170,000 and $466,493.

A dozen eggs cost about two bucks and a gallon of milk sells for $3.50.

Bread is about $2.50 a loaf and a pack of cigarettes is $8.32.

In today’s world a new washing machine is valued at about $500.

The Purcell Register is now $30 a year and tickets to OU games range from $80 to $150.

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