In this day and age it’s quite the hindrance to be as technology challenged as am I.

Just the other day I was trying to do something as simple as activating a credit card that was taking the place of one that was expiring.

I used to call the credit card company and get them activated that way but not so fast my friend.

That ain’t happening in this day and age.

So I figured I’d give it a shot.

It started out simple enough.

They asked for the credit card number and I was able to reply to that command no problemo.

Then the first off speed pitch.

Right off the bat they wanted my password.

Knowing my own limitations about such matters a little panic crept in.

My first thought was to click on the forgot my password option, which I promptly did.

But then I remembered where I keep my passwords.

Sure enough there was the password that I needed so I backed out of where I was to start completely over.

By the time I had started over three or four times I had the credit card number almost memorized.

Finally, I caved in and asked John Denny to assist me with what was turning into a minor fiasco all to just activate a card.

Even after my assistance from the younger generation somehow I got to the point where I was asking to go paperless and not get the bill through the mail.

Now my business partner, who is also my roommate, likes to get bills in the mail so she can keep up with things and know when to pay what.

So when I realized what I had done in swooped John Denny again to bail me out of what was going to be a sticky situation.

Finally, the credit card was activated and I was saved from going paperless.

You should have seen my email after all of that.

I had verifications that I had gone paperless.

I had verifications saying I recanted the paperless option and verifications to verify my verifications.

Nothing like being technologically challenged beyond  belief.

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