It was Christmas Eve 2009 the first time I was ever in a blizzard.

Never really thought I’d see one.

Well I was right. Not one, but  two.

We had another one almost 10 years ago to the date in early February 2011 and now the current situation.

Only this time there is more accumulation and much, much colder temperatures to go along with the deeper snow.

It’s too risky to go outside alone with the chance of falling and knocking yourself out.

Take your phone with you if you go out by yourself.

Freezing to death is a real possibility with the perilous wind chills.

The light flurries we experienced on Thursday and Friday were like Baby Sharks compared to the mammoth snow storm we experienced Saturday through Sunday.

The snow is one thing.

Yes it’s annoying and makes getting around difficult.

But it’s the unusually cold temperatures and wind chills that are the double whammy.

With the weather as it is those parents with young children that are in quarantine have a stir crazy household.

For that matter young or old you can get a little stir crazy during these days of being penned up and in a deep freeze.

We have a little mini weather system that I got for my birthday a few years ago because, quite frankly, I’m a weather nerd.

For years, this dates back before Gary England retired at Channel 9, my nickname at the newspaper was Gary-Mike-Rick.

Monday morning when I got up the outside temperature read -4.

Windchill was in the high negative 20s.

After a brief respite with the sun out Monday we had to do it all over again with 5-8 inches of additional snow predicted Tuesday night and to about mid-day Wednesday.

According to the Weather Channel we get above freezing by Friday.

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