They say it takes a village to raise a child.

When Purcell became a catcher’s mitt for four inches of snow over night Tuesday and into midday Wednesday Tommy Mize and his street department sprung into action.

Mize and his crew did yeoman’s work clearing streets for the area’s motoring public and had many of the main thorough fares up and running early.

By the middle of the afternoon Wednesday all of the side streets had been cleared.

It was awesome work.

Mize, who has been with the street department for 13 years, said it was great having a full crew.

Mize has been the street department supervisor for the past 11 1/2 years and said, “having a full crew made a world of difference.”

Plus, he continued, the ground temperature was warm, there was no ice and only snow.

“That helped out drastically,” Mize said.

“We were really thankful there was no ice,” he confirmed.

Crews got started clearing the main thoroughfares by 7 a.m.

“By 3 o’clock we were done with the streets but still had one bridge we had to work on,” the supervisor said.

But it wasn’t only City of Purcell crews that did a great job.

ODOT plows had Interstate 35 and SH 77 cleared early and McClain County with traffic moving about at the regular pace.

“We’ll respond to whatever the weather presents us,” District 2 Commissioner Wilson Lyles said.

“We will use whatever equipment and manpower is necessary to make it safe for the citizens,” he continued.

“We’re happy to do it,” Lyles said. “It’s our job.

“All the credit goes to our crew. They just go about their work and don’t think anything about it,” he said.

Lyles said his crew went up to McClain County Courthouse to clear off the parking lot so employees wouldn’t have any issues when they came to work on Thursday morning.

The work by all the crews made life as normal as possible even with a heavy snow storm.

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