In case you didn’t know, pandemic hair is real.

I know. I’ve grown quite the head of it since my last haircut on Dec. 12, 2019.

Oh, I had plans back then of keeping to a regular haircut schedule.

In fact, before I left the salon that day, I scheduled my next haircut – on March 17.

Well, that didn’t happen thanks to COVID-19 closures.

And though the salon was among businesses allowed to reopen in the summer, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of potentially risking my health for a haircut.

My hair is now a few inches past my shoulders and most often I wear it pulled back.

Bill is braver, or more desperate.

He’s had one or two haircuts since the pandemic started. But a bout of pneumonia, bronchitis and strep throat caused him to miss his latest appointment a few weeks ago.

He is getting more shaggy by the day, but turns down all my offers to shorten his locks with a snip here, a few clips there.

He doesn’t care that all haircut mistakes grow out eventually.

The other evening I told him I thought his hair was almost long enough that I could give him a man bun.

Or in keeping with his Native American lineage, perhaps a nice braid.

I was joking. But he didn’t laugh.

Then I shared this tidbit. With pandemic hair rampant among men, the mullet was making a comeback.

Who knew that one day Mike Gundy and Joe Exotic would turn out to be style setters?

The look he gave me when I shared this defies description.

Just more proof that pandemic hair is real and so is the suffering that goes with it. 

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