If you wonder what people are hoarding in this year of COVID-19 since paper towel and toilet paper shelves are staying stocked, I have the answer.


If you doubt me, go into any store and try to find ammunition for anything other than shotguns.

The shelves are bare and if you ask a clerk when they expect more, the answer is always the same. “We don’t know.”

It’s a crazy time for handgun sales, it seems.

I bought a new handgun recently. Filled out all the background check questions and waited more than an hour for a response.

I’ve bought handguns before and the longest I ever waited for approval was maybe 25 minutes.

I was finally told it was “delayed,”  likely because gun sales across the country have gone through the roof and the system is overwhelmed.

The gun shop promised to call me as soon as it was approved.

It took three days.

And when I picked it up later that day, I wanted a box or two of ammunition.

That’s when I found out about all those empty shelves.

I turned my search online, only to see on every site page after page of listings marked on backorder or out of stock.

Bill has had better luck. His handgun is a different caliber and he has been able to pick up three boxes of bullets in as many weeks.

He was very excited to find a box of 300 rounds. 

But when he opened the box at home, he discovered it held just the empty cartridges. So back to the store it went.

Eventually I suppose supply will catch up with demand. I mean it worked for toilet paper, right?

Until then, I have a message for the ammo hoarders: Enough already! You don’t need 5,000 more rounds when there are those of us scrounging for a measly box of 50! So stop it!!

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