Sometimes you break a 70-yard touchdown run.

But for most of our lives it’s three or four yards and a cloud of dust.

But whatever life brings you just have to keep moving the chains.

Never has that been more true than during this pandemic, which brings up the point of wearing a face mask.

It is not a political football as some have tried to make it out to be.

It could be a matter of life and death especially for the elderly or those with certain health conditions.

It would be like one political party or the other not stopping at stop signs.

Still some churches are meeting without requiring face masks.

They are playing Russian Roulette.

When the number of new cases came out on Saturday of  nearly 5,000 it should be more than a wake up call.

This is getting worse, folks.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, there are 476 confirmed cases in Purcell.

Blanchard is tops in McClain County with 644 cases. Purcell has 476 confirmed cases. Newcastle has 450.

Washington has 149 cases followed by Wayne with 73, Byars with 15 and Goldsby and Dibble with 10 each.

The state reports McClain County has 1,617 cases while Cleveland County has exploded to 9,384 cases.

Norman has 5,018 cases while Lexington has 611.

We are all in this together and must act in a manner as reasonable as possible.

Pfizer reported they have a vaccine that is 90 percent effective.

Hopefully that will pan out.

In the meantime, keep social distancing and keep wearing those dadgum masks.

Also, we all need to act responsible and not gather in large groups for parties.

Lets all do all we can so we can keep moving the chains.

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