As far as holidays go, Thanksgiving is my favorite.

Most holidays are celebrated on Monday which is a very inconvenient day of the week for us in the weekly newspaper business.

Thanksgiving falls at the end of the week so we really have a couple of days away from the office, which is nice.

Thanksgiving is just that, a time for giving thanks.

It is a lot more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of Christmas with all the shopping, wrapping and decorating.

The awesome smells associated with all the cooking Gracie does makes the day fabulous. 

There is always great anticipation for the parades, especially The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I always am happy to comfortably watch the parade on the tube in the comfy confines of a living room and not braving the elements and crowd in downtown New York City.

There is generally at least one more run to the store to snatch up whatever has been forgotten before a late lunch and watching football on TV.

Seems like every Thanksgiving many folks get a little sleepy as the afternoon wears on. 

Can’t beat a good nap.

I feel sorry for employees of some retail stores that have to report for work on Thanksgiving.

Seems like people should get the holiday off to be with their families and let the shoppers do their thing on Black Friday.

Now Black Friday has been underway for a couple of weeks.

Problem for retailers is that on-line shopping never ceases.

In fact, the on-line shopping is damaging to retail and hurting other industries as well.

Even though Thanksgiving is getting so commercialized it’s still my favorite holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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