This is a true story about a red hot early August afternoon in downtown Dallas.

Gracie’s Mom and Dad were driving down Preston Road that afternoon with the thermometer pegged up well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

They saw a wedding party drive by and Ruth turns to Richard and says, “Whoever would get married on August 4?”

After the thought registered, her mom remembered her daughter and son-in-law were just some of those crazies that would get hitched when the sun is at its peak in the good old summer time.

She headed straight to the post office to mail a card that afternoon.

There’s a little story behind why we decided to tie the knot in early August.

We started out by planning a November wedding but every Saturday in November was an OU game day with two of the four being home games.

October was even worse with two home games and OU-Texas.

We knew if we planned on October 13 our friends would choose going to Dallas over Norman.

That was our only loss of the season, a 16-7 upset by the ‘Horns.

There were a pair of home games in September so we decided on moving the event up to early August to make sure it was out of the way prior to school starting and all the pageantry that goes with that.

So August 4 it was, all 102 degrees that it was in Norman that day.

Now 40 football seasons have come and gone with 18 conference championships and a pair of National Championships.

It doesn’t appear to be any cooler when this Sunday rolls around.

Funny how so many things have changed in 40 years and how Mother Nature remains the same.

Happy Anniversary, Gracie. It’s been a quick 40 years.

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