In the category of you know you are getting older, I just took another hit this week when I learned my kid sister is retiring.

Wow, congratulations to Missy Clark after putting in 40 years of elementary education teaching in the Mid-Del School District.

She’s three years my junior and has already hung up the chalk and erasers.

I wish her all the best in her retirement.

Love ya, Sis!


You’ve got to get your priorities straight.

No NBA. No Masters. No Kentucky Derby. So far no MLB.

But don’t worry sports fans. We do have little league baseball.

That’s right. You have to have your temperature taken to enter a restaurant or board a plane.

But if you’re at a little league baseball game, come right on in.

We can’t even have school or commencement exercises.

But we can have little League. little league.

NCAA football is very iffy right now.

Major League, did you get that, Major League Baseball will be played without fans in the stands.

But don’t fret baseball fans, you can go sit in the stands at any little league game.

Sounds unbelievable but it’s true.

College football teams are not able to workout but the word I’ve heard is some little league baseball teams have been practicing this entire spring.

Try and let some pandemic stand between me and my little league team.

At least, we as a society know what’s important.


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