The old saying that good will conquer evil is a good adage to live by.

But lately evil is creeping into the thoughts and minds of more and more people.

With the shootings in Gilroy, California, Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, in the past few days many people are saying they don’t feel safe.


With shootings now occurring at schools, concerts, churches, synagogues, shopping centers and other places people are beginning to wonder where they can go and not feel threatened.

It’s a sickening feeling.

What has our society come to?

What is increasingly disturbing is for one political party to lay blame on the other one for the shootings.

To me, the shootings during the past 10 days are no more Trumps fault than the 32 mass shootings during the Obama administration.

I don’t recall anyone blaming Obama for any of those.

Neither former President Obama nor current President Donald Trump are calling on people with mental problems to open fire on the general public.

This should be a time of healing and reaching out to the victims’s families not a time for playing politics.

In this current environment we cannot get away from the partisan bickering, back stabbing and finger pointing.

Even in the worst of times.

Blaming Trump for the El Paso killings would be the same as blaming Elizabeth Warren for the shootings in Dayton since the shooter said he would vote for her before he met his demise.

A similar question to what has our society come to?

What have some of our politicians in Washington D.C. come to?

Some people have said that Congress should reconvene from their summer recess.

What good would that do?

They haven’t done anything about the mass killings time after time.

It’s a deadly problem.

Question is, can gun control and or mental health assistance prohibit more shootings?

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