There’s a baseball in the office of our advertising manager Vickie Foraker that is missing part of its cover.

It’s as if  The Natural had been in her office and knocked the cover off the ball like Robert Redford did in the movie.

I wonder if you really can knock the cover off the ball?

Maybe only in a movie where the imagination is allowed a seat at the table.

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction and that may be what’s going on with our national government.

Conspiracy theorists are having a hey day with the apparent suicide of Jeffery Epstein.

I even saw one theory that Epstein really isn’t dead at all.

Now that’s taking it full circle.

Another theory is that Trump, in collusion with the Russians, broke into the jail that night.

But could it have been Trump since he was so busy tweeting that it was the Clintons?

You really can’t make some of this up.


One of the burning questions on the minds of Purcell fans is when the football stadium and field will be ready for action.

Purcell Head Football Coach Tracy Scott is among those with the same question.

The exact answer keeps changing but he said he has been assured the field will be ready to host Blanchard in the second scrimmage of the pre-season.

Goldsby Construction is spearheading the mammoth undertaking.

CEO and Founder of the construction company Chris Goldsby said they expect the field to be football ready by August 28, one day ahead of the August 29 scrimmage with the Lions.

“There will be landscaping and other things to finish up but we plan to be ready for football on the 28th,” Goldsby told The Purcell Register earlier this week.

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