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Somewhere along the way I’d have to ask myself if it was all really worth it.

The last game at the grand old Conger Field was a 26-22 Purcell victory lap over Marlow.

Happy birthday to Les Hudson, Brian Gantz, Vernon Brady, Rick Mabry, Melissa Mabry, Ryan Abney, Addison Green, Hazel Yoakum, Velda Peck, Kathryn Ratliff, Joan Todd, Rylee Williams, Pam Fox, Nancy Maynard, Bobby Musgrave, Charles Goddard Jr., Patrick Haynes, Jeff Page, Elizabeth Cantrell, Dru…

Years ago I boasted to a co-worker that any reporter worthy of the name should be able to take another’s notes and write an article from them.

Byars resident Betty Johns was in the newspaper office last week to renew her subscription.

Happy birthday to Kesha Montgomery, Angie Wren, Charles Dawson, Rex Umber, Mickey Holden, Navoy Skinner, Jesus Cruz, Kenny Hardesty, Alexandra Waddle, Gerardo Franco, Don Goldsby, Evangelina Luna, Connie Chaples, Tyler Clark, Vanessa Linares, Susan Warren, Alison Brady, Margie Panter and Ted Cox.

Bill and I vacationed in New Mexico and Colorado for two weeks.