A two-day winter event wrapped a blanket of white around central Oklahoma Saturday and Sunday stifling travel and bringing business to a basic halt.

Monday was a holiday for many anyway but the estimated five to eight inches of snow with drifts up to three feet tall was a major obstacle from a storm that had been predicted for several days.

The snow event was for all 77 counties in Oklahoma with some areas getting up to 12” dumped on them.

A second storm was barreling down on the state and our area expected to hit Tuesday afternoon and last until around noon on Wednesday.

The entire region was plunged into a deep freeze with air temperatures dipping below zero and frigid wind chills anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees below zero keeping an icy grip on this area and the entire region.

To add insult to injury rolling blackouts were reported due to the excessive use of electricity in the Siberian air.

City manager Dale Bunn said the water dripping at homes and businesses hasn’t affected the city’s water supply.

He did report the price for natural gas has skyrocketed.

“The city was paying $3 an MMBtu,” Bunn said. “We are now paying $400 per MMBtu.

“People should be looking for some pretty healthy bills in April,” he said.

Bunn said there is some consideration to approach the attorney general about possible price gouging.

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