Thanks to a nonpartisan effort by a Kingfisher man, Congressman Frank Lucas has co-signed legislation for “no budget, no pay” for Congress and that effort is having an affect on Fourth District Congressman Tom Cole.

Brian Walter is trying to persuade members of congress on both sides of the aisle to co-sign bills for no budget, no pay.

Cole told Walter earlier this year he doesn’t co-sign bills until they are out of committee but he has changed his tune on this measure thanks in large part to the efforts of Walter and an advertising campaign in The Purcell Register.

“I am proud of Congressman Cole for changing his thinking and supporting no budget, no recess,” Walter said. “But I would be even more proud of him if he would support no budget, no pay.”

“It’s not only myself but also the fact that pressure is amplified because concerned citizens are joining the newly formed 501c 3organization Unity above Self in America,” Walter said.

“Our organization believes the appropriate response for congressmen who truly want to address the problem is to sponsor both bills as Senator Mike Braun has done.”

Senate bill 39 (no budget, no pay) was introduced by Braun (R-IN) Jan. 8, 2019. It has 13 co-sponsors. Three senators are also a sponsor or co-sponsor of S. bill 186, the No Budget, No Recess act. They are Mike Braun, Margaret Hassan (D-NH) and Sen. Joni Ernest  (R-IA).

The companion bill in the house is HR 129. It was originally sponsored by Jim Cooper (D-TN) Jan. 3, 2019. As of July 28 it has 22 co-sponsors, one of which is Frank Lucas who co-sponsored under the pressure of Walters’ effort on May 10.

“No Budget, No Recess” Act

This bill is S. 186 sponsored by Joni Ernest, a Republican from Iowa. It was  introduced January 17. As of July 20 it has four co-sponsors, one of which is James Lankford of Oklahoma and two of which are Margaret Hassan (D-NH)and Mike Braun (R-Indiana), who also support the No Budget, No Pay Act. 

The companion bill is HR 1059, introduced by Jodey Arrington R-TX Feb. 7, 2019. As of July 28 it has 19 co-sponsors one of which is Tom Cole of Oklahoma who became a co-sponsor July 10, while under the pressure of our effort. Another co-sponser is Kevin Hern, Oklahoma’s new representative from the Tulsa area, who signed up as a co-sponsor Feb. 7, 2019.

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