Lighting that accompanied a thunderstorm that blew through the area last Saturday night was the cause of a 3 1/2 hour power failure in the central portion of Purcell.

Purcell Electric Department Supervisor Trey Phillips said a tree behind Tractor Supply was struck by lighting.

That caused a limb to fall across all three phases of a line causing the outage, Phillips said.

Power was restored about 3:30 a.m. after being knocked out around midnight.

Phillips said there was one smaller outage on London Lane where about 10 customers were affected.

Again it was tree limbs falling across lines that caused the problem.

The good news is the storm dumped .50” of much needed rain on the area.

That brings the total rainfall for the year in Purcell to 35.69” compared to 32.01” in Oklahoma City.

The normal year-to-date rainfall amount for this area is 23.63.

Even though the amount is higher than normal the area is squarely in a drought situation.

In addition to the power outage, the entire state and a major portion of the United States lost internet service Friday for nearly four hours.

Internet service from Denver to New York City and all down the Eastern Seaboard including the entire state of Oklahoma was disrupted.

Banking was impossible. There were delays at airports and businesses of most all types were crippled by the loss of the computer assistance.

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