The Presidential Preferential Primary in Oklahoma will be March 3 and individuals who aren’t yet registered to vote have until February 7 to register.

Voter registration applications can be downloaded at or you can contact the McClain County Election Board in Suite 101 at the McClain County Courthouse.

Office hours are weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Registered voters may also verify their registration and political affiliation using the State Election Board’s OK Voter Portal at

Voters are reminded that no party changes are permitted from April 1 through August 31 of even-numbered years.

The following are facts for the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP):

  • Eligible voters may cast only one ballot.
  • Voters must be a registered member of the party for which they intend to cast a ballot.
  • Independents (registered voters without a party affiliation) are allowed to vote in the Democrat PPP. The Democratic Party is the only recognized party in Oklahoma allowing independents to vote in its primaries.
  • The purpose of the PPP is to allow all recognized parties in Oklahoma to send delegates to that party’s national convention. Delegates are responsible for casting votes for candidates, reflecting the popular vote.
  • Each party is responsible for choosing the Presidential candidate who will be on the ticket in November.
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