A recent unreported incident at the Purcell Police Department is drawing public interest. City officials and the Purcell Police are not commenting on what occurred at the Purcell Police Department.

The Purcell Register has confirmed through numerous sources that the incident involves the discharging of a weapon inside the police department. Sources have also told The Register that the incident involves Purcell Police Chief Kevin Williams.

City manager Dale Bunn told The Register: “I don’t know that we can release if that (discharging a firearm) happened or not.”

When pressed for information by The Purcell Register, Bunn  said “That’s an internal thing at this point. It’s an employee management issue and we don’t make comments on that.

“If there was a report made out by the police department, you can request that information.”

As of Wednesday, there was no such report.

Bunn added he was told by city attorney Ted Haxel that he couldn’t comment further because “it’s a personnel matter.”

A call to Haxel yielded little information although he stated, “I’m not working on anything on Chief Williams.”

Bunn said there is an investigation underway. Sources told The Register Lt. James Bolling is spearheading the investigation. He declined comment to the newspaper.

Bunn did not confirm if any action had been taken against Williams or anyone else in connection with the incident.

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